Saturday, November 10, 2012

1 YEAR!!

Elder Keller is doing great. He has been in Denton Texas for quite some time and really became a part of the community there. He has been transfered to Weatherford texas a small old college town west of Fort Worth.

Yes, it has been one year. I can hardly believe it and other times I think it's about time! It's also been about a year since Kaden has driven the area he is in now he gets to drive. This  area also doesn't have a spanish branch so the members come to church and the Elders  translate. The sunday school teacher just had a baby so often the Elders teach there as wel, so Sundays are busy.

Excerpt from letter:

Met some awesome members today. They made me eat a habanero chili pepper plain to "pass the test" did it without crying boo-ya!  met a cool family wife and husband invited us back for another lesson tomorrow. Father offered to give a closing prayer kneeling! cool!

Elder Keller's companion is Elder Allen they have a tough area with the translating but I know they will be guided to the families that are looking for something more. They work really hard.

Elder Keller and Elder Allen

Elder Keller and Elder Aguirre

Where's the gun show?

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